Law on Temporary Disability and Other Social Insurance Allowances

Based on the decision of the Constitutional Court No 5 of 10 April 2012 on the constitutionality of the provisions of paragraphs a) and b) of paragraph (2) of Article 4, paragraph (1) of article 9, paragraph c) of paragraph (1) of Article 13 of the Law No 289-XV as of 22 July 2004 on the temporary disability benefits and other benefits of social insurance, as amended and supplemented.

The law provides for the following wording of Article 4 of the Law on benefits for temporary disability and other social insurance benefits.

a) The first, second and third calendar day of temporary disability are paid from funds of the employer, in the case of the unemployed person - from the budget of the state social insurance;

b) from the fourth calendar day of temporary disability benefits are paid from the budget of the state social insurance;

Allowances assigned for periods of temporary disability after April 10, 2012, revised in accordance with the terms of this Law.

The full text of the Law is available at the following address:

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The law of the Parliament No. 202 as of 09/27/2012 to amend Article 4 of the law on allowances for temporary disability and other social insurance benefits No 289-XV as of 22 July 2004.

Published in Monitorul Oficial No 234-236/744 as of 09.11.2012.

The law takes effect from the date of publication.


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