Conformity Certificate for Imported Goods from EU countries

In accordance with the provisions of the Law № 235 of 01.12.2011 provides recognition in the Republic of Moldova, of certificates of conformity or test reports issued by bodies’ conformity assessment, accredited by accreditation bodies, have signed a multilateral agreement on the recognition with the European Cooperation for Accreditation, granted for products imported from countries - members of the European Union.

Thus, in accordance with the provisions of act 31 of the Law № 235 as of 01.12.2011 on June 7, 2012, in the case of imported goods, which have a European certificate of conformity issued by an accreditation body, is enough to present the certificates of conformity or protocol of test, translated into the official language, and confirmed by the seal of the importer.

The full text of the Law can be found at the following address:

In Russian | In state language

Act of Parliament on the activities of the Accreditation and Conformity Assessment № 235 of 01.12.2011, published in Monitorul Oficial № 46-47/136 from 07.03.2012. The law goes into effect nine months from the date of publication (07/12/2012), with the exception of Article 31, which shall enter into force three months after the publication of the law (07/06/2012).


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