International transactions. Ivestments and project financing.

This activity area is among the priorities of our company, if taking into account the rich and fruitful experience gained through performing various investment projects by our experts, as well as, the experience in consultancy support for a series of agreements conclusion and implementation on transnational purchase and merger operations. The services are rendered to companies from CIS and Romania, as well as to organisations and companies with offices in different countries:

  • Representing the investor interests, the Turkish company "RMC CIMENTO SANAYI VE TICKARET LTD. SIRKETI" in establishing a joint venture on the territory of Transnistria with the participation of the Cement-Slate Plant;

  • Representing the US company "DotMD Inc." in negotiations with the Government of the Republic of Moldova regarding the right to commercialize and use the Domain Name of the Republic of Moldova;

  • Consulting services to "UPS Europe S.A." on the acquisition of a local expediting company;
    Preparation of corporate documentation for establishing a joint company - GSM operator in Moldova – by "France Telecom Mobiles" and "Moldavian Mobile Telephone";

  • Consulting on acquisition and subsequent merger issues of five sugar factories by the German company "SUDZUCKER International GmbH";

  • Consulting services in favour of the Italian company "Impressa Cavalleri Ottavio", which were performing road building in Republic of Moldova under the tender of EBRD;

  • Legal consulting on all issues regarding the establishment of the Moldovan-German joint venture "Perfuzon S.A." on the basis of the military industrial factory "Mezon S.A  and the subsidiary production unit "Frizeniuos – Pharmaplan GmbH" from Germany;

  • Consulting in representing the American investor interests regarding its participation in the tender for the right to purchase the "Moldova-Film" studio;

  • Consulting in representing the interests of the Israeli investor regarding its participation in the tender for the right to purchase the touristic concern "Moldova-Tur S.A.";

  • Consulting a Swiss company regarding the customs law and pre-shipping inspection issues.
    Concluding agreement on electricity delivery from Moldova to Romania in the value of 60 million US dollars;

In the commercial area "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" represents both local and foreign corporate clients in negotiations, document submission and performing purchasing and selling transnational transactions. Our lawyers hold a rich experience in elaborating international services agreements (including engineering and finance services, services for developing and maintaining technologies, etc.): concluding agreement on electricity delivery from Moldova to Romania in the value of 60 million US dollars; analysing the "Philip Morris" company operations regarding the issuing of the "Republic of Moldova Ecological and Sanitary Requirements".

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Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners is the largest company of legal advising and consultancy in the Republic of Moldova. It offers expertise in local and international jurisprudence and legal practice in matters related to business activities, interactions with state bodies, real estate, investment and other legal matters. The company a team of professional lawyers that provides paralegal services and legal assistance in business related domains like international companies registration, investment policies and juridical aspects, as well in other law suit assistance in domains like employment law, insurance law, probate law, family law, real estate jurisprudence and bankruptcy related services. Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners offers legal support and juridical consultancy services for local and foreign companies and their representations. It has a team of experienced attorneys and experts that provides legal consulting in issues of investments, project financing and representation of the companies in the relations with the local government and other state entities.