International legal trials and arbitration. Legal pretrials and trials.

Representation of our clients does not limit to national and international transactions, it consists also of trials and arbitration, as well as international ones in the courts of European and CIS countries.  Some of the issues linked to these fields our lawyers dealt with are:

  • Conducting negotiations for out-of-court settlement or pretrial;
    Preliminary analysis of the documents and facts of the case for identifying the prospective of the trial process;

  • Preparation of amicable agreement and its coordination with the adverse party;
    Participation in trials on behalf of economic and physical persons vs. the state companies and institutions;

  • Participation in trials regarding material compensation as a result of default on agreement obligations;

  • Participation in trials regarding material compensation as a result of moral prejudices to private persons and company business reputation prejudice;

  • Participation in trials regarding class action suit of the citizens of Republic of Moldova on behalf of the public organization for protecting the rights of the citizens;

  • Defence of authors' rights, trademarks rights and industrial models within the specialized Commission  by the State Agency for Defending the Industrial Estate and in the courts.

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Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners is the largest company of legal advising and consultancy in the Republic of Moldova. It offers expertise in local and international jurisprudence and legal practice in matters related to business activities, interactions with state bodies, real estate, investment and other legal matters. The company a team of professional lawyers that provides paralegal services and legal assistance in business related domains like international companies registration, investment policies and juridical aspects, as well in other law suit assistance in domains like employment law, insurance law, probate law, family law, real estate jurisprudence and bankruptcy related services. Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners offers legal support and juridical consultancy services for local and foreign companies and their representations. It has a team of experienced attorneys and experts that provides legal consulting in issues of investments, project financing and representation of the companies in the relations with the local government and other state entities.