Our clients are represented by state and public organizations, commercial companies engaged in international trade, industry, agriculture and service providing sectors.

Among the clients of "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" one can find the representations and branches of the biggest international companies and organizations and dozens of Moldovan companies.

Below You can find the partial list of the company's clients we collaborated with in the past and have been working up till now.

1. International companies and representatives:

  • Coca-Cola Imbuteliere Chisinau

  • Nestle SA

  • Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine S.E.P.

  • Bayer Cropscience AG

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Austrian Airlines

  • Wrigley

  • Philip Morris Services Inc.

  • SUDZUCKER International S.A.

  • Reuters

  • UPS Europe S.A. (Belgium)

  • AVIS rent a car (Moldova)

  • 3M Corporation (USA)

  • Avon Cosmetics Limited (USA)

  • D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles

  • SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.

  • Bacardi & Company

  • Rehau GmbH

  • LG Electronics Inc.

  • Schering AG.

2. Non-commercial organizations:

  • Swiss Red Cross

  • Ministry of the Economy and Reforms of the Republic of Moldova


  • TACIS Program in Moldova

  • Technical assistance program, provided by the German Government "Promovarea Comertului Exterior"

  • National Agency of Insurers (Moldova)

3. International Trade and Investment Companies:

  • METRO (Austria/Romania)

  • Mihailidis Tobacco (Greece)

  • Trans Oil Ltd (USA)

  • Metromedia International Telecommunications Inc.

  • DotMD (USA)

  • Case Corporation (France)



  • Europa Capital Management A.S

  • Diamond International Inc.

  • International Telcel Inc.

  • Heidelberger (Austria)

  • Celtica Moldova (Italy)

4. Banks and Financial Institutions:

  • Uebersee Bank

  • Commercial Bank of Greece

  • Dresdner Bank (Germany)

  • Banka de Economii (Moldova)

  • International Commercial Black See Bank (Moldova)

  • Hoerner Bank

  • Western NIS Enterprise Fund

5. Industrial enterprises, services, and agriculture:

  • Conversia S.A. (Moldova)

  • PERFUZON (Moldovan-American Joint Venture)

  • Africa-Izraeli S.A. (Israel)

  • Glass Container Company S.A. (Spanish-Moldovan Joint Venture)

  • Aprocon-Grup S.A.(Austrian-Moldovan Joint Venture)

  • Impressa Cavalleri Ottavia S.A. (Italy)

  • Kelley Grains S.A. (USA)

  • PilenPak Ltd. (Turkey)

  • Rybnitsa Cement & Slate Plant (Moldova)

  • Vitanta-Intravest S.A. (American-Moldovan Joint Venture)

  • Moldova-Tur S.A. (Moldova)

  • Reforma Werk Ltd. (Germany)

6. The enterprises engaged in the fields of supply and production of energy resources:

  • RAO EES (Russia)

  • ABB (Switzerland/Ukraine)

  • AES Silk Road Inc. (USA)

  • GAZPROM (Russia)

  • LUKOIL (Russia)

  • KEMA (Holland)

7. The companies in the fields of telephoning and telecommunications:

  • Francetelecom S.A.

  • Cellular Comunication S.A. (Austria/Russia)

  • Siemens (Moldova)

  • Millicom International Cellular b.v.(Austria)

  • Voxtel (Moldova)

  • MMT (Moldova)

8. Аir and Transport Companies:

  • Moldtransavia Air Company (OEA-Moldova)

  • Air Moldova (Moldova)

  • Asiana International Leasing Ltd. (USA)

  • Murfitts Transport Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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